Regaining Lost Passion For The Bible: Part 1

I once engaged a friend in a discussion where he asked how he can regain a passion for studying the word of God. From a personal perspective, I agreed to do a write up for him to read. This was done about a year ago. But going through my archives, I felt it worth sharing for those who might find themselves in a similar struggle where they desire to study God’s word. These are not secrets. They could serve well as a reminder. I pray they prove helpful to you. And do add your comments if there are other points you believe are worth noting.

Now, there are many reasons our love or passion for studying Scriptures can wane. The most notorious for many believers is a BUSY LIFE. But as believers, our only source of growth, maturity and a thriving relationship with our heavenly Father is through constant intake of the word. Scripture is the only credible source of truth in our Christian walk and we must as a matter of duty, read and study it.

Regardless of our busy schedule, our growth as believers is proportional to our intake of the word of God. Nothing must prevent us from studying the word.

As one theologian puts it,

I could plead with you to study the Bible for personal edification; I could try the art of persuasion to stimulate your quest for happiness. I could say that the study of the Bible would probably be the most fulfilling and rewarding educational experience of your life. I could cite numerous reasons why you would benefit from a serious study of Scripture. But ultimately the main reason why we should study the Bible is because it is our duty.~ R.C. Sproul[1]

If it is true(and I believe) it is, I will share with you eight points out of many ways I personally believe can restore a desire to read Scriptures again. Here is the first four. Tomorrow God willing, I will bring you the last four.

1: Desire to Study.

A lack of desire is one major reason most of us don’t study or read the Bible. Somehow, we know we have to study our Bible, but the desire to is absent. We are caught up in a busy and competitive world. Nothing around us suggests “read our Bible”. The cares of the world clutters our minds and the Bible is not the first “thing” on our agenda. But, it should be if we are going to make any progress in our walk of faith. The Bible must become the first thing on our agenda. We must all have a desire to study God’s word. There is no source of intimate fellowship with God apart from His word and prayer. So, as the deer pants after the water brooks, our souls must also thirst and pant after God through His word.(Psalms 42:1-2). Pray to God that through the Holy Spirit, a desire will be stirred up in your heart to study.

2: Make The Time To Study

After desiring, we must make the time to study. A desire to study is not enough. We must seize time and set it aside for use in studying our Bible. The best time, in my opinion to study the Bible is in the mornings. This might not work for everybody because of time schedules but I believe it is the most reasonable time. In the morning, our mind is fresh and alert. In Mark 1:35, Bible tells us about Jesus’ devotional life: “And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed.” Rising up early to pray and read is a good practise yet a difficult one. Never expect your Bible reading to be fulfilling every time. Sometimes it feels like a waste of time. You sit behind the Bible and it is so dry. However it feels, we must labour to study. Make the time, but if you break it, don’t feel bad. Catch up again.

3: Have A Plan To Study: Study Systematically

You have to open the Bible and read it in a systematic way. Not cheery picking verses from different places in the Bible everyday. What I mean by systematic is simply in an orderly manner. I read my Bible like I read any other book(sounds unspiritual): systematically. When reading a novel, we follow an organised pattern. We read page by page, chapter by chapter until we are through with the whole book. With this organised reading, we grasp the whole concept or storyline of the novel.  In the same fashion, we should read the Bible…Chapter by chapter, book by book, verse by verse. We should follow a systematic pattern through the Bible. The book of John is a good place to start with.

4: Keep Notes

For the  study of the Bible to be fulfilling, keep a note book and a pen any time you are reading. Make notes, write things you believe God is communicating through His word. A study Bible will be helpful. Also, make an investment in Bible commentaries, Bible reference materials, bible dictionaries. It all makes the study of the Bible interesting. Also use more than one version. King James is difficult… Modern translations like ESV, NLT, NIV are advisable, but personal preference here is important. But ensure to use a Bible with a very modern English language. King James “thou, thee, thy, thine…can be difficult sometimes”….Easy language, Easy understanding.

1:Knowing Scripture, Intervarsity Press, Second Edition © 2009 by R. C. Sproul(Kindle page 35).20150906_152035


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