Regaining Lost Passion For The Bible Part 2

Yesterday, I treated four points in relation to the topic. As a recap,  I listed four points 1: A Desire to Study. 2: Make The Time To Study. 3: Have A Plan To Study: Study Systematically. 4: Keep Notes.

I present  the concluding four today.

5: Memorize/Meditate on The Word

Desire and studying Scriptures alone will not produce the full benefit of the word in our lives. We have to take desire and study to another level—meditation. Meditation is contemplation and reflection on the word which we have read. Meditation allows the word to settle in our hearts and become part of us. It is said that, if you know how to worry, you can meditate on the word. Just worry about the word. Ask questions in your mind. Turn the word around. My most favourite explanation of meditation is the analogy with a ruminant chewing its cud. (Deuteronomy 6:6-9, Joshua 1:8 and Psalms 1:1-2)

6: Share/Obey/Do

When we study the word, it is not for us alone. We must also make it a point to share the word with someone. Now in the era of social media, we have a great opportunity to learn and share. Also knowing the word is one thing. Obeying and doing it is another totally different arena. We must endeavour to obey all Scriptures teaches.

7: Make Use Of Technology

Do you ever consider your spiritual life when investing in the most latest mobile technology? Nowadays, no excuse not to read the Bible. You can carry the Bible anywhere on a smartphone etc.

8: Read Christian Literature

Read good books that written by other Christians: Pastors, Theologians etc. This will help stir a desire for the word. Much has been written about and from the Bible. It will help to read great minds and the things they have written from Scriptures. It will stir you up to want to dig further.

If you have read all so far, this and Part 120150906_152035, are there any points you believe are important? Please let me know of them. Bless you


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