Entertainer Turned Pastor Turned Entertainer Again: A Cue For Pastoral Ministry

Ofori Amponsah, a secular musician turned Pastor turned secular musician again has within a short period of time displayed in our eyes what happens when a biblical imperative is ignored. It is only a matter of time and the consequence of disobedience of Holy Scripture  will show. 

Paul warns in 1Timothy 3:6 a novice…a recent convert must not be made an elder(Pastor). When the news first broke about Ofori Amponsah’s return to the world of entertainment, the entertainer turned Pastor turned entertainer again was reported to have said; “Music is my passion and I want to give something back to my fans so I am preparing for it”. These are the very words of someone who had previously turned his back to the entertainment world, apparantly to pursue a Pastoral calling. What changed that suddenly the Pastor “want[s] to give something back to [his] fans”?

Many speculations and explanations have been given. A friend did a beautiful article on it–Real Call Or Missed Call? I think one of the explanations I can personally give is his celebrity status prior to his conversion (if indeed He converted). He is a celebrity you know. So Christians will be in a haste to show case him to the world as a “trophy”– even a pop star has received Christ. He becomes our exhibit…here is a pop star, now a Christian. Praise the Lord…glory to God. Hallelujah…let the world hear his story. That is where we get it wrong. We are too quick to give a hand of fellowship to anyone who comes up with a testimony of conversion. I am not saying also we should be skeptical about people’s conversions. I am saying we must be discerning and wait for fruits to show.

In all of these explanations, the most credible and accurate explanation is the biblical explanation; he was “a novice”, King James’ rendering of “a new convert”. You will not give responsibility of running your home to a baby, would you? Why will we  hand the souls of men and women into the hands of a spiritual baby? In fact, why will men and women subject their spiritual life into the hands of a novice?

James 3:1 issues a stern warning to those who will assume the role of a teacher–pastor: “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.”

Clearly, the responsibilities of a pastoral ministry carries greater standards of accountability; “we will be judged with greater strictness”. Even matured believers are hesitant to respond to a pastoral ministry. Why will a   popular entertainer suddenly stop entertainment and assume the role of a Pastor? Who mentored him? Who did he under study? Who was he accountable to?

“Music is my passion and I want to give something back to my fans so I am preparing for it”. Here we see a very sad truth. While he was still pastoring, he was craving for the attention and popularity he enjoyed in the entertainment world. A pastor must not think in terms of fans. A pastor must think in terms of flock. A pastor has flock to feed not fans to entertain. Ofori Amponsah has played the words of Scriptures in our very eyes: “He must not be a recent convert, or he may become puffed up with conceit and fall into the condemnation of the devil”. (1Timothy 3:6).

What has happened to the flock he left behind or turned his back to? May we all share a word of Prayer for the brother. If indeed he converted and  has a pastoral calling, I believe God will direct his steps. But meanwhile we must all learn that the pulpit is not a place to receive praise. It is a place we die daily to self so Christ will be glorified and His flock fed.

Ofori, follow your music passion; you can still glorify God singing secular music. Only keep your lyrics clean and portray Christ in your music.

Image: Courtesy myjoyonline
Image: Courtesy myjoyonline

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