What’s the Big Deal About Christmas? 

As we celebrate Christmas and share in the grace and love that God spread abroad on the first Christmas day, remember that our God still reigns. We at Semper Reformanda wish you and your families a merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

The Gospel Network

122111-151 (1)Christmas is here with us again. It is a period of excitement and celebrations filled with decorations, lights, merry making, lots of food and drinks. Families are getting ready, setting up trees, decorating their homes and buying gifts just in time for the celebrations. There are those, who though, will not describe themselves as Christians are equally engaged in a feverish preparation towards the season.

In the midst of all these preparations and excitement, the obvious question any curious observer cannot avoid asking is what is the excitement all about? In our materialistic and consumption-driven society, it is possible to see Christmas as an end of year party; a time to indulge and be merry.  It is therefore important to pause and reflect on the significance of Christmas.

Rather than taking our idea of Christmas from the “retail outlets”, “Hollywood” and “merry making”, we must as a matter of necessity turn…

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