The Truth Nothing But The Truth

cropped-cropped-20150906_152035.jpgRecently, my activities on social media especially facebook has been called to question by a number of friends who seem concerned that all I spend my time doing is to criticise preachers. Of course, as a rational being with a conscience, I ponder these feedbacks. I do appreciate them and for anyone who comments on my posts, I want to say I am in no way, with all sincerity offended by them. I take them in good faith and will continue pondering over them.

Now one of the numerous warnings from these friends that inspired this post  was from a dear brother  I have known back in senior high school from 1994-1997. In responding to a question I asked about whether preachers should not be questioned, he responded,

No! They need to be questioned. But it shouldn’t  be taken personal.

“But it shouldn’t be taken personal”… That caused me to pause. Is it really the case that I am being personal? Do I have anything against anyone? I have been on facebook for a while and to be charged with taking things personal in my questioning of preachers I thought is an issue that needs to be addressed. Honestly, my questioning of preachers and certain Christian beliefs are nothing personal against anyone. In my assertion, I am only taking a stand for truth (at least as far as I believe). I have done different articles on different issues on this blog and other places I blog and I thought I will spend sometime recapping my activities to point out that I am after no individual but only the truth.

In my personal opinion, I think it is only a skewed critique of my activities on social media that will return a view that I am taking things personal on some people. Indeed, as a believer, it is a personal responsibility to take a stand for truth. Scripture admonishes us all to contend for the faith (Jude 1:3), doesn’t it?

Recently, I did an article on Pastor Chris Oyakhilome  and it wasn’t personal. It was taking a stance for truth. I also wrote on a menace that is troubling the church today and I titled it “Three Reasons People Believe The Prosperity Gospel“. Again, that was for truth, nothing personal. Sometime last year, a Pastor was reported to have said we must not preach in the name of Christ. To this, I responded in an article titled “My Response To “Pastor Says It Is Wrong To Preach Jesus Christ”. That also, was for truth, nothing personal. In fact, I don’t even know this pastor.

In quiet a surprising news item, Kofi Amoabeng, of UT bank fame was quoted to have said though he was a Christian, he doesn’t believe in an afterlife. In a stance for truth, I responded in an article titled “Christians Believe In An After Life“. That was for truth. Nothing personal. Then another big news broke.  A former entertainer– Ofori Amponsah — who converted to become a Pastor announced he was coming back to the entertainment world. That needed to be addressed and I did just that in an article “Entertainer Turned Pastor Turned Entertainer Again: A Cue For Pastoral Ministry“. I received a backlash for that. But again, it was for truth that I did that article.

Apart from these articles, which appears as criticisms, I have far more articles which indicates I am not only engaged in criticisms in my writings.

On 18th February, 2016, I wrote an article titled “True Discipleship: A Call To Follow Jesus“. This was an exposition on Matthew 16:21-26 where Jesus spoke on the cost of discipleship.  Then on Valentine’s day, I wrote on a very relevant title “Love: The Reason For Today“. Before we entered 2016, I did an article which I believed was crucial for the moment; The Resolution Every Christian Should Make in 2016.

Further articles worth paying attention to includes Be Fervent In Spirit: Serve The Lord,  Here Are Three Reasons You Must Pray For The Unsaved,  The Great Wonder Of Adoption Into God’s Family ,  Born Again Into The Kingdom Of God, Salvation By Grace Alone Through Faith Alone,  Standing Firm In God’s Love and Four Importance Of The Lord’s Supper .

In conclusion, if here is anything personal in my writings, it is the motivation of standing for the truth of Christianity. I have nothing against anybody. I am a nobody. I am simply an ordinary believer taking a stand for truth. I am in no way perfect. I have my weaknesses because I am human. But one thing is clear, as a Christian, I have a responsibility, like any other believer does, to defend the truth. And I will do that to the glory of God so long as I have breath.

So help me God.


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